since 2000...

CafĂ© Mangal's menu is "Mediterranean & American" and greatly influenced by Turkish Cuisine. The countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea have a rich tradition of food.Some seventeen countries border the Mediterranean Sea and one of them is Turkey. Turkey is a diverse melting pot of social and culinary values. Turkish cuisine has a long and rich history from its Central Asian roots to its refinement under the Ottoman Empire and has influenced culinary tradition throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean.  

Our family back in Turkey has been involved in the food business since the 19th century. We have lived in all over Anatolia in villages, small towns, and big cities. As a result, we have had the chance to learn and know a wide variety of Turkish food. In addition, we have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, the Far East, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, which has given us a chance to try other cuisines as well.

The world is smaller now in this information age. Accordingly, people are closer to each other. We are here, and very pleased to have served you since 2000. We hope to continue serving you for many many years ahead.

Our motto is "Smile, Serve, and Share."

Thank you for your support and appreciation!


The Ozargun Family